Todd Bienvenu

Born in 1980 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Lives and works in New York.


2006-7  New York Studio School, Master of Fine Arts Program, New York, NY 

2005      New York Studio School, Certificate Program, New York, NY

               New York Studio School, Summer Scholarship, Orvieto, Italy 

2003      Louisiana State University, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Baton Rouge, LA

Solo Exhibitions

2018      Slapstick, Almine Rech, London, UK

                 Jaywalk, Galerie Laurent Godin, Paris, France

2017      Artissima 2017, Galerie Sébastien Bertrand, Turin, Italy 

               Endless Bummer, Harper’s Books, East Hampton, NY

               Water Sports, Yours Mine & Ours Gallery New York, NY 

2016       Dive, Galerie Sébastien Bertrand, Geneva, Switzerland

2015       Exile on Bogart Street, Life on Mars Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

2014       Borrowing Tomorrow’s Fun, Life on Mars Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Group Exhibitions

2018      Ceremonial Exhibition: Work by New Members and Recipients of Awards, American Academy of Arts & 

               Letters, New York, NY

               Tell Him What We Said About "Paint it Black," Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery, Keene, NH

               New "Bad" Painting, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

               Paint it Black, 1 Mile Gallery, Kingston, NY

2017       Nostalgisms, curated by Nick Benfey, Able Baker Gallery, Portand, ME 

                Like, curated by Richard Kern, Galerie Sébastien Bertrand, Geneva 

                Witches And Dudes, Galleri Kant, Copenhagen, Denmark

                Domestic Tranquility, 0-0, Los Angeles, CA 

                SOME(BODY), Adam Baumgold, New York, NY

                There is nothing I could say that I haven’t thought before, FLAG Art Foundation, New York, NY

2016        Painting in New York, Leigh Morse Fine Arts, New York, NY

                 Summer Show, Galerie Sébastien Bertrand, Geneva, Switzerland

                 Todd Bienvenu, Katherine Bradford, Sarah Faux, Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn, NY

                 Frieze New York, curated by Katherine Bernhardt, CANADA, New York, NY 

                 Laughing Out Loud, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

                 Momenta Bene t Auction, Momenta, Brooklyn, NY 

                 Go Figure!, Louis B. James, New York, NY 

                 Let’s Walk, Cuevas Tilleard, New York, NY 

                 PaintersNYC, MUPO, Oaxaca, Mexico 

                 Introspective, BravinLee, New York, NY 

                 Fort, Ess Eff Eff, Brooklyn, NY 

                 Nation IV, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

                 All Tomorrow’s Parties, Hathaway David Contemporary, Atlanta, GA

2015       Painters NYC, Páramo, Guadalajara, Mexico

                 Holiday Salon, Lesley Heller, New York

                 Post Hoc Ergo Proctor Hoc, Firework Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

                 Let’s Go Away for Awhile, One Mile Gallery, Kingston, NY

                 Todd Bienvenu and Clintel Steed, Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects, New York, NY

                 Summer Invitational, Life on Mars, Brooklyn, NY

                 Mixtape II, M. David Studio, Brooklyn, NY

                 Paintings in Trees, People’s Garden, Brooklyn, NY

                 Thrice Legendary, or Forever Thens, Centotto, Brooklyn, NY

                 The Guston Effect, Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston MA 

                 Long Story Short, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

                 Lucky Draw, The Sculpture Center, Long Island City, NY 

                 AiB Bene t 2015, Storefront Ten Eyck, Brooklyn, NY

                 Life on Mars Gallery Project Space, Brooklyn, NY

                 New Work City, Momenta Art, Brooklyn, NY

                 Paperazzi IV, Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

2014        Back to the Future II, Life on Mars, Brooklyn, NY

                 My Big Fat Painting, Brian Morris Gallery, New York, NY

                 Full House East, Ethan Pettit Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

                 Full House, David Rich, St Paul, MN

                 Summer Invitational, Life on Mars Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

                 Suggestion, that is the dream: Arshile Gorky and a selection of contemporary drawings, Outlet, Brooklyn, NY

                 Drawn Out, Brooklyn, NY

                 Legend Anew, Centotto, Brooklyn, NY

                 Underdonk Selects, Underdonk, Queens, NY

                 No Rules, Brooklyn, NY

                 Mixtape, No. 4 Studio Brooklyn Fireproof, Brooklyn, NY

                 AiB Bene t 2014, Storefront Ten Eyck, Brooklyn, NY

                 Spring Bene t, Novella, New York, NY

                 Sump Pumped Sentiments, curated by Matt Philips, TSA Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY 

                 Paparazzi 3, Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

                 Nation II At the Alamo, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

2013        Todd Bienvenu and Gili Levy with Katherine Bradford, Valentine Gallery, Ridgewood, NY 

                 Painting Impossible, Life on Mars, Brooklyn, NY

                 Scale, Life on Mars, Brooklyn, NY

                 Duck, Duck, Rabbit: EJ Hauser, Todd Bienvenu and Kelly McRaven, curated by Mike Olin and Joy Curtis, Brooklyn, NY

                 Ethan Pettit Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

                 Triangle Art Bene t, Brooklyn, NY 

2012        Art=Mixx, New York 

                 Team Varet, New York 

                 GO Brooklyn, New York

2011        Northside Brooklyn Arts Festival, New York 

2010        Nude With a Goose, New York 

                 Pretty Young Things, New York

2009        Cinema Back Room, Public Assembly, Brooklyn, NY 

                 Si Ves Algo Di Algo, 345 Eldert, Brooklyn, NY

                 27 Group Show, Goette Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

                 New York Studio School Alumni Show, juried by Sean Scully, New York, NY 

2008         Art Party 3, Supreme Trading, Brooklyn, NY

2007         Thesis Show, New York Studio School, New York

                  Battling Insanity With a Paintbrush: Gaelle Bertrand and Todd Bienvenu, New York Studio School Student Gallery, New York

                  Girls With Guns, New York Studio School Student Gallery, New York 

2003         Todd Bienvenu, Studio B, Little Rock, AR 

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